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Ready to make a change for the better? You're in the right place!

Who am I?

 Hello there! My name is Joyce, and I am a Pilates instructor, personal trainer, pre and postnatal specialist, and strength and conditioning coach. I have been helping clients in South East London for years and have worked with a wide range of individuals, from actors preparing for a role, to expectant mums getting ready to bring life into the world and those recovering after childbirth to athletes who want to fine-tune their technique or prepare their bodies for competition.

Why personal posture?

At personal posture the ultimate goal is helping you reach a happy, healthy you. 

In order to do so we aim to align your body, mind, and soul, achieving inner balance and strength which in turn reflects in everything else.

It is my job to keep you accountable to the promises you made to yourself.

I understand that fitness is not a linear or one-dimensional pursuit, which is why personal posture fitness and wellness training is centered around self-disipline.

What is my approach?

Now, my approach is not a quick fix, but rather a sustainable approach that helps you become independent and continue your training without me. I believe that your fitness and wellness journey should never come to an end and that incrementally building healthy habits is the key to a renewed lifestyle of permanent change, it is my job to help equip you and support your growth and progress, but yours to maintain it.

Personal Posture Principles

 I believe in the pursuit of balance, ensuring that you have a holistic practice that includes strength and endurance training, agility, stability, nutrition and intentional daily habits. The byproduct of this pursuit is improved posture, reduced back pain, an increase in energy levels and an overall a better life. I encourage my clients to achieve this change through my principles.


- Practice


- Precision


- Progress


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"The body you inhabit is the only one you have. Nurture it. Love it. Feed it. "


- Joyce Omotola Founder of Personal Posture

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Based in South East London.


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